Our plant is located at Patla in the state of Gujarat, India. Built over 8500 sq. m., AEC manufactures over 3 million bearings a year, spread over 4500 different types. Located in a scenic environment, in the middle of rolling hills has given us the ability to respect our environments and be a sustainable company.


We think that the best ideas are born when the employees are
given the freedom, the training, and the opportunity to
continuously improve their skills. We are very proud to be
providing this opportunity to all 700 of our employees and that
has resulted in the highest manpower retention. From an outfit
of 10 workers that manufactured cylindrical roller bearings and deep groove ball bearings, with an outside diameter of up to 50 mm, today AEC is a global force in the bearings industry. AEC manufactures almost the entire range of rolling element bearings up to an outside diameter of 1800 mm.


At AEC, we believe in the power of innovation and focus. Ever since the inception in 1973, AEC has continuously upgraded the skills, the production capacities, the infrastructure, and the services. Our claim to high quality and our commitment to innovation have led us to the most modern manufacturing methods.


  • CNC Internal & External Grinders
  • Automatic External Grinders 500 mm OD
  • Automatic Internal Grinders 500 mm ID
  • Semi-automatic Internal Grinders 1800 mm OD
  • Semi-automatic External Grinders 1000 mm ID

Heat Treatment

  • Shaker Hearth furnaces with controlled atmosphere
  • Continuous Pit type furnaces
  • Sub-zero treatment plant
  • Salt bath furnaces for case carburizing and hardening of rings up to 1800 mm OD