Our bearings are designed, developed, and engineered using professional CAD and 3D modelling and analysis tools by our skilled engineers and are backed by our highly experienced technocrat founders. Our products are made from high quality bearing steel from industry approved vendors with optimum dimensional stability. The geometry and profile are in accordance with the international standard for best quality. Our stringent quality assurance system has earned the company the following quality certifications from TUV Rheinland, Germany:

  • ISO/TS 16949:2009
  • ISO 9001:2000

At AEC, we focus on ensuring best quality through:
- commitment and investment in continuous R&D
- facilities for measuring, monitoring, and improving process performance
- well entrenched HR program to provide adequate training

Our metrology facility uses the finest gauges and instruments to critically follow the material after every process. Our investment in the areas of testing and measuring, and high quality technical training of our employees along with input from our customers has resulted in manufacturing the highest quality bearing.

FAIR - First Article Inspection Report

AEC cultivates an environment where our aspiration on quality as well as meeting our customers ever-increasing requirements for high quality products is top priority. With a “First Article Inspection Report” (FAIR), we document the measurements of all dimensions on the drawing for 5 pieces and include the method of measurement. Instead of fixing errors we aim to avoid them from the beginning. Therefore, product and production relevant data is stored centrally and monitored continuous. A good quality management system relies on project management, that coordinates our activities with the quality management of our customer.

PPAP - Production Part Approval Process

With rolling out our comprehensive and proprietary Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), every step of our production will be monitored from the design, through the production to show our customers, that we will consistently go the “extra mile” to meet their needs and expectations. PPAP is based on ISO / TS 16949 and as it is a risk identification and mitigation process, we can ensure better and more efficient communication with our customers as well as reliable and repeating processes. Not every PPAP is the same, therefore negotiation must take place before the requirement is accepted and the process is rolled out. This ensures that both parties have the same expectations.

We offer our customers the possibility to evaluate the suitability of the processes and to critically assess the quality management systems that are subject to the projects:

  • Benchmark of our capabilites
  • Evaluation of our processes
  • Determination of their suitability
  • Assessment of our quality management
  • Qualification of our competence
  • Acceditation of AEC

The process ensures that:

  • the requirements are communicated and recognized correctly.
  • the delivered product will meet these requirements during the complete product life cycle.
  • the process is suitable.
  • the management system for production control and quality ensures that only those products, which meet the customers’ requirements are delivered.