Bearings for Transmissions

Gearbox is used for transmitting mechanical power in many industries and therefore is an extremely vital component. Reliability of a gearbox has to be extremely high as a breakdown would have severe consequences. With the advancement in materials technology and tribology, along with the availability of constantly increasing computing power, geabox manufacturers are able to produce gearboxes with much higher efficiencies and higher performance densities than ever before.

Naturally, the bearings that are used in gearboxes have to match or exceed in performance for this to happen. AEC manufactures bearings for the power transmission industry that can operate with very low friction, low noise, low vibration as well as very high reliability, and provide longer operating life.

AEC bearings offer
  • high radial and axial load capacities
  • low friction and noise
  • high wear resistance
  • high reliability and cost effectiveness

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