Bearings for Wind Mills

Onshore or offshore, wind turbines operate under extremely varying conditions. High winds or rough storms generate highly-dynamic forces with extreme maximum and minimum loads that can change suddenly. Depending on the time of the year and the geographical location, wind turbines also experience varying operating temperatures. These conditions can limit turbine performance and reliability, especially due to bearing-related issues.

As the requirement for power generation continuously increases, the turbines grow increasingly large and move to remote locations. This, combined with the operating conditions, makes it very costly to maintain or repair the wind turbines.

Considering these challenges, AEC works with leading OEMs and together with our extensive engineering offers bearings that are designed to improve performance, reliability, and maintenance intervals. This helps increase turbine uptime and productivity and achieve the desired ROI.

AEC bearings offer
  • high static & dynamic load capacities
  • optimized for varying operating conditions
  • extremely robust design for reliability
  • low maintenance and high up-time

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